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VoD Trace Analysis
VoD Trace Analysis

Using the ShockAi dashboard to analyse VoD data

Written by Stefan
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Navigate to the VoD event you would like to analyse.

Once open you will see an overview of the data, where you can left click and drag to zoom in on selected data, which you will see on the lower part of the screen.

This second screen will calculate the VoD, so you must select only the section you want calculated when you create a "Zone" to assure accurate results.

Holes and Zones

First you create "Holes" by pressing "a" on the keyboard at the start of each hole, you can then add "Zones" by selecting the desired section of the data within the hole. A hole will be the sum of the zones from the starting point. Which could include different areas of interest in the VoD trace and the stemming.

Select the beginning of the "Hole" by pressing "a" then press Save. You can enter the details of the hole here. We also recommend documenting the length marker on the coaxial cable entering and exiting the holes, this will help in analysing an issue if there is one.

Once the hole is created you can add "Zones" by selecting the area of interest, toggle to "zones" and click "Create Zone"

You can create multiple zones to one hole, the last zone will be called stemming and at the end of this zone marks the end of the hole.

You can now generate a report from the top of the screen in the options tab. This will create a PDF.


The report will give you an overview of the traces, the holes and the zones, then a detailed breakdown of them all.

This section of the report will compare the data you manually entered for the "Hole" to the actual data captured by the VoD unit.

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