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VoD-Mini Data Upload
VoD-Mini Data Upload

Getting your data from the unit to the cloud and then onto the desktop software.

Written by Stefan Miller
Updated over a week ago

Start by opening up the latest ShockAi App and log in or set-up an account.

If you are setting up an account for the first time see Setting Up A ShockAi Dashboard Account.

Select device required.

Click on "View Sessions"

Select the session required

Then press upload

The data will be synced to the phone, then it will ask you which Organization and Project you wish to upload the file to.

After the data is uploaded, you will need to log into the ShockAi dashboard @xxxxxxxxxxx

Then go to Projects

Then Devices

Select your device

Then select a session

Then select the event

Navigate to options and select "Download File" and save in a folder you can recall later (all analyses will be performed within the dashboard soon)

Install ShotTrack VoD-Mini desktop software, see VoD-Mini Desktop Software

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