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Recording Your First Event
Recording Your First Event

A guide to recording and viewing your first event on a ShotTrack sensor product.

Written by Stefan
Updated over a week ago

This is a brief guide showing you the basics of recording and viewing an event captured on a ShotTrack sensor product.

Open the ShockAi App, log in using the same details as your Dashboard log in and tap Scan for devices:

To do an initial bench test, place your device on a table and ensure the battery protector is removed so the device is powered and active.

It should appear in your Available Devices screen:

Tap the device to connect to it:

Scroll down to the Location section to set your device's location.

For now, just tap Use my location to get an approximate location using your phone's GPS.

Once tapped, that location is set within the ShotTrack sensor.

Move back up to the Settings section and tap Edit.

Change Record Mode to Waveform, scroll to the bottom, and tap Update.

Now you've set the record mode to Waveform the unit is ready to be put into record mode to trigger on thresholds and record event data.

Tap the Record button which is underneath the image of the ShotTrack sensor device.

The ShockAi App should return to the Available Devices screen, and after a brief moment your device should be visible, but this time it advertises that it is in an Active monitoring mode.

While in this mode, an induced vibration over the threshold level will trigger the device. If you've created a vibration that exceeds the unit's thresholds, a red LED light will briefly flash on the ShotTrack sensor after the event has been recorded and stored.

After a few seconds, you should notice that the Available Devices screen has updated, so that the device is showing an event(s) has been recorded since you last connected to the device.

When you're ready to view the event, tap the device entry.

You'll notice a pop-up, warning you this will end the session:

This is a safety mechanism to prevent accidentally ending a recording session. If you want to end the recording session and look at the event(s), tap Confirm.

Now you're back on the device Overview screen, tap View sessions.

A loading image appears over the device image as it goes into Loading sessions.

After a few seconds your session should appear. It details the Session type (whether Histogram, Waveform, or Peak Vector Sum), the period the session covers (and length of time), and the number of events recorded in the session, if any.

Tap on the Session entry to go to the Session view.

Notice there is Histogram data. Whenever a device is in a record mode, it calculates the highest Peak Vector Sum of the x, y and z sensor in 5 minute blocks, but if the session is shorter than 5mins, the chart will be empty.

For now, tap an Events link from the selection to view the detailed chart data for the event.

You should see an overview similar to the above. If you recorded more than one event, you'll see a chart plotting the Peak Vector Sum of each event.

Below the events overview section is a list of all events, showing the event type, time it was triggered, length of record time, and the Peak Vector Sum value.

The app will take 10-20 seconds to load the event data (or longer if you have a higher sample rate and/or a longer record time).

Next is to upload the data to the ShockAi dashboard. Press upload.

The data will first sync to the phone, then if you have phone reception or Wi-Fi will ask you which organisation and project you want to send it to.

The data will now be available to all members of the organisation on the ShockAi dashboard.

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