VoD-Mini Desktop Software

Installing and uploading data to the VoD-Mini desktop software

Written by Stefan Miller
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The VoD-Mini desktop software is a temporary data analyses software program that will be replaced by the ShockAi Dashboard very soon.

Download the VoD-Mini Desktop Software from the bottom of this article.

Click on ShotTrack VoD-Mini desktop icon.

Open program and navigate to "File" and "Import"

Locate your .vodmini file.

Select required file, this will bring up the "Overview" bar

Click and hold the left mouse button, drag and select the area of interest (there may be multiple, just follow this step again if there are more than one)

Then once selected you can do the same in the Zone screen, then press the right mouse button and select either "Least Squares" (usually preferable) or "Point to Point"

This will give you a zone with VoD information

On the right hand side is your zone manager where you can edit details

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