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ViB-Pro Wire-break
Written by Stefan Miller
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How to enable Wire-break feature on ViB-Pro device

The wire-break/GPS feature greatly increases its power consumption. As such, this feature should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. When the wire-break/GPS is enabled, the device can generally be expected to last for 9-11 days on a full charge, as opposed to 6 month with the wire-break feature disabled.

Enable GPS and Wire-break

To enable the wire-break, navigate to the settings on the device. Tap on the "Edit" button, then select the GPS and hit "update". (this step is only needed on early release units, from #100-120)

Connect Wire

Connect one end of a wire to the connectors located on the device. Make sure to be careful not to short them out on the case and also make sure the other end of the wire is shorted.

Activate Device

To activate the device, simply turn it on. If you are using the button, the unit will flash RED then BLUE 10 times each rapidly. If you use the App to initiate the device, the LED will flash BLUE 10 times rapidly.

What it does

After an event has broken the wire circuit, the unit will trigger immediately. Once the event has been recorded, the unit will revert to a level trigger state with its previous settings.

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