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ViB-Pro Use

How to use your ViB-Pro on site

Written by Stefan
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Positioning and Activating a ViB-Pro Vibration Monitoring Device

Vibration monitoring devices are important tools for a variety of industries as they are designed to measure and provide accurate results of induced vibrations. Properly calibrating and positioning these devices is an important part of achieving accurate results.

Follow these steps to properly position and activate a vibration monitoring device:

Step 1: Choose ViB-Pro Device Settings

Before positioning the device, decide on what settings are required for the task, then update the device as necessary. (see Device Setting, Demo is on a Nano, but it's the same as a Pro)

Step 2: Position the Device

Once you have decided on the settings, the device can be positioned as needed. This can be done in several ways, including drilling in an M10 masonry bolt, using the available mounting plate, or using the supplied mounting tabs.

Step 3: Activate the Device

Using the button:

Once the device is positioned correctly, activate the device by pressing and releasing the button. During this time, the device will calibrate the offsets of gravity and is ready to monitor. You will be able to tell if the device has been activated successfully; a blue LED will come on and the unit will flash RED rapidly 10 times.

To turn off unit, end a session, press button and the unit will flash BLUE rapidly 10 times.

Using ShockAi App:

Connect to the device, then press "Record" The App will go back to the available device screen and the recording state will be shown on the device.

Then to end the session click on the device again, there will be a number indicating how many events happened in the session.

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