Session Detail Screen

Info on the Session Detail screen.

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The Session Detail screen shows Histogram, Peak Vector Sum, and Waveform data associated with a particular session.


The Histogram section shows histogram data recorded by the device over this session.

Histogram Summary

The histogram data records the Peak Vector Sum of the last five minutes of sensor data, which means if the session is:

  • less than five minutes – no histogram data will be available

  • less than ten minutes – one Peak Vector Sum value will be shown

  • more than ten minutes – a chart of histogram data over time will be displayed

Below the histogram data is either:

  • a Sync button – which copies the full session data (including Histogram and Event data) to the ShockAi App, ready for upload to the ShockAi platform.


  • an Upload button – which first synchronises the session data to your phone, and then uploads it to your account on the ShockAi platform.

Session with no histogram data

A session with no histogram data.


Events Summary

The Events section displays an initial summary of the Peak Vector Sum of each triggered event.

One Event

The data for the Peak Vector Sum is displayed as text.

Multiple events

The data is represented in a chart, showing the Peak Vector Sum of each event displayed over time.

Below this summary the same Sync / Upload button is displayed, allowing you to copy the entire session data to the app (and upload it to the ShockAi Platform if you're logged in).

Events List

In the list of available events there is information on each event including the event type (Peak Vector Sum or Waveform), the time of the event, the duration, the Peak Vector Sum, and the size of the event data in Kilobytes.

Event Detail

To view details of a particular event, just tap on the entry to go to the Event Detail screen.

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