Sessions Screen

Info on the Sessions screen.

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The Sessions screen displays a summary of all sessions that have been recorded on the current device, grouped by date.

Reload Session Info


The ShockAi App may have a cached version of the sessions on a device, so to reload the latest Session info, press on the screen anywhere and drag down.

You will see a loading circle appear from the top of the screen. Release your finger and the device will show a loading symbol and some text indicating it is Loading sessions.

Sessions List

In the list of available sessions there will be information about each session, including the type of session (whether Histogram, Peak Vector Sum, or Waveform), the length of the session, the start and end dates, and the number of events that were recorded during that session.

Session Detail

To view details of a particular session, just tap on the entry to go to the Session Detail screen. This will show all events that were recorded within the session.

Session Delete

Session deletion is a destructive act that is not recoverable, so ensure any sessions that are important have already been uploaded to the ShockAi website.

To delete a session, tap and hold on a session and slide to the left then tap the "Delete" button to erase it. This can take a few seconds if the session is big, so give it some time before trying to tap delete again.

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