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Available Devices Screen
Available Devices Screen

Info on the Available Devices screen.

Written by Stefan Miller
Updated over a week ago

The Available Devices screen shows all ShotTrack devices that are within Bluetooth range and broadcasting.

If no devices have been set to record, they will be shown as Idle.

If devices have been set into recording mode, their status will be displayed:

Histogram Monitoring

This indicates a device is just recording the Peak Vector Sum of the prior 5 minutes.

Wave Form Monitoring

This indicates that in addition to histogram monitoring, the device is set to trigger and record events if a threshold is exceeded.

PVS Monitoring

This indicates the unit is in Peak Vector Sum mode, so will record/show results on a vector sum of x, y & z

If an event occurs, the device advertises how many events have been triggered since the device was last connected to.

Simply tap a device in the Available Devices list to connect to it.

If the device is in a monitoring mode, a confirmation dialog will appear to protect against prematurely ending a monitoring session. In that case just tap cancel to stop connecting to the device.

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