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Device Overview Screen

Info on the Device Overview screen.

Written by Stefan
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The Device Overview screen is shown whenever you connect to a device.


The header shows the Bluetooth signal strength, battery level, device image, and two buttons:

  • Record - put the device into record mode

  • Disconnect - end the Bluetooth connection to this device, and return to the Available Devices screen


The Sessions section lets you View sessions that are stored on the device.


The Settings section shows the current settings for the device, and allows you to Edit them on a separate screen.


The Location section shows the current location that's set for a device, and if none has been set, it allows you the option of setting the location in one of two ways:

  • Use my location – this uses the GPS location on your phone to set the device's location

  • Enter manually – specify the exact GPS coordinates using latitude and longitude

Whenever you set the location, the map appears with a marker showing the location.

Move Location Visually

To adjust it further visually, you can long-press the marker and move it with your finger.

To do this you need to tap directly on the marker and hold it steady (so it is not treated as a drag of the map).

When it's ready to be moved, the marker should pop a little higher over your finger. Then you can just keep the finger on the map and drag it around the map to move the marker.

Adjust Map Scale

To adjust the scale of the map, use two fingers to pinch or stretch and zoom the map in and out.

Edit Location

Simply tap Edit to display the options to Use my location or Enter manually.

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