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Device Configuration Screen
Device Configuration Screen

Info on the Device Configuration screen.

Written by Stefan Miller
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The Device Configuration screen is accessible from the top-right of the Device Overview screen via the overflow menu (represented as 3 vertical dots).

Tap on this menu, and tap Configure.

In the Device Configuration screen you can give a device a nickname, update the firmware, and format the disk.


In the Details section, you can give your device a more memorable nickname.

The name you give the device will then be shown in the Available Devices screen when the device is in Bluetooth range, and is also displayed in the title of each screen (along with the device model).


While the firmware upgrade process is quite robust, please ensure the device has a a battery with at least 20% charge in it.

The firmware upgrade process should only take around a minute.

The Firmware section displays the firmware version this device is running.

If there is a newer firmware version available, a button will be displayed allowing you to upgrade the firmware on the device.


The Data section currently includes one button allowing you to format the device's disk.

This process is irreversible, so be sure to have uploaded any critical session data to the ShockAi platform before beginning this process.

When confirming you want to format the disk, the app will take you back to the Available Devices list.

The device itself will display a red LED light indicating formatting is currently occurring.

The process should take up to a few minutes, after which the device will broadcast that it is available to be connected to, and so should appear in the Available Devices list.

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